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Managing AWS cloud infrastructure thrusts upon a huge list of challenges. From migration and architecture design to managing security and operations continuously in itself can take your focus away from your core business. The best way forward is to seek assistance from AWS experts.


Minjar’s Smart Managed Cloud services is powered by Botmetric’s cloud operations platform for intelligent incident management enabling a unique human assisted AI model that perfectly blends AWS competencies, technology and automation to deliver 24×7 AWS cloud operations for 365 days with robust architecture service and security posture — all backed by AWS certified engineers, architects, and cloud automation tools.


Technical Lead

A technical point of contact who works closely with your team, ensures all the necessary expertise for all your service needs are delivered, and provides answers to all your queries.

24*7*365 Support

100% Certified AWS Engineers who work with your team round-the-clock, to deliver best in class support.

Service Transition Manager

An expert who works closely with the your team and support team in getting any new application/service transitioned to Minjar Support Model. Ensures a smooth transition as per standards and guidelines defined by AWS.

Service and Architecture Best Practices

Ensures that our customers get best of the technical and process expertise as per AWS best practices and industry standards.

Services Standards

Get best of the technical and process expertise as per AWS best practices and industry standards.

Proactive Monitoring, leveraging ITSM platform

A defined comprehensive Service catalog for any Managed Cloud Environment, both on AWS and supported technology stack.

Monthly Governance Reviews

Get both technical and governance review for all our Managed Cloud environment in regards to security,cost, and technology for optimal operating of the environment.

Response Time

Obtain standard SLA for different category of events based on different class of environment.

FreshService, the IT help desk automation tool, helps us manage incidents, assets and more.


Botmetric is the underpinning platform behind Minjar’s automation capabilities. It is the world's first comprehensive cloud management platform that makes cloud operations, system administrator's tasks, and DevOps automation a breeze so that cloud management is no more a distraction in a business.
Featuring an intelligent automation engine, Botmetric provides an overarching set of features like smart diagnostics, industry's first 'Click-To-Fix' feature, cost management analytics, complete infrastructure audits, DevOps automation, and more to manage and optimize AWS infrastructure for cost, security & performance.
Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, Botmetric, helps organizations save on cloud spend, bring more agility into their businesses and protect the cloud infrastructure from vulnerabilities.

Minjar + DataDog = Optimal Managed Cloud Experience to You

DataDog is a monitoring service for dynamic cloud environments. It is specifically built to help devops teams quickly troubleshoot issues in complex, distributed applications that use hybrid clouds, microservices, or containers.

The granular data tracked and collected by the Datadog agent is further leveraged by Minjar’s Managed Cloud team. The plus point: Minjar’s team has in depth experience in leveraging the wide variety of Datadog integrations with the services and tools applicable in cloud platforms, security solutions, and other middleware technologies. The bottom line: By leveraging Datadog and Minjar together, you will have insightful data at your disposal for optimal cost optimization and resource utilization.

Minjar + NewRelic = Grow more as you scale on AWS cloud

New Relic is an all-in-one web application performance management provider for the cloud and the datacenter. It helps IT operations teams with unprecedented visibility into the performance of their cloud and the related configuration changes to it. Its SaaS solution combines real user monitoring, server monitoring, application monitoring, and availability monitoring in a single solution.

By leveraging New Relic’s solution, Minjar’s Managed Cloud team can manage web application performance in real-time, quickly and cost effectively monitor, troubleshoot, and tune application performance, with much agility.

Minjar+ TrendMicro = Assured Cloud Security.

Trend Micro provides Deep Security as a Service, which features a complete set of security capabilities to meet the shared responsibility requirements of leading cloud providers. It helps prevent data breaches and business disruptions with: IDS/IPS, advanced host firewall, anti-malware, web reputation, log inspection, and integrity monitoring. New instances are recognized at launch and security is automatically applied to dramatically reduce the risk of any instances going unprotected.

Minjar uses Trend Micro’s Deep Security as a key component of its Managed Cloud service to provide customers like you with scalable security for the cloud. As a Premier AWS partner, Minjar leverages Trend Micro’s Deep Security to provide additional layers of security.

Minjar + Incapsula = Optimal Mitigation of all types of DDoS attacks

Incapsula helps organizations to discover assets and vulnerabilities, protect information wherever it lives – in the cloud and on-premises – and comply with regulations.

Minjar uses Incapsula to provide DDoS protection service for businesses hosting their applications on AWS. With Incapsula, Minjar is able to effectively mitigate all types of DDoS attacks, and secure business-critical applications on AWS optimally.

Minjar + OpsGenie = Seamless AWS Operations

OpsGenie is an alerting and on-call management solution for development and operations teams.

With the help of OpsGenie’s tools, Minjar is able to design actionable alerts, manage on-call schedules and escalations, and ensures customer’s IT incidents are taken care of by the right people at the right time.


A successful AWS migration requires actionable, error-free, and detailed analysis of the current environment with a proper migration plan in place. With Minja, migration of your data centre or applications to the AWS cloud is a breeze. Plus, it reduces migration costs and risks associated with the migration.

The Approach:

Minjar first identifies the inventory of current applications and their usage along with their platforms and license dependencies. We also identify the SLA's, security, and compliance of various business applications.

By using industry best practices and the information gathered in the discovery phase, Minjar cloud architects work with you to design the cloud architecture model to be deployed on the cloud.

All the major layers of the system requirements, such as DNS, load balancers, web, application layers, database, storage, security, internal/external integrations, monitoring, backup, deployment and background programs are migrated to cloud.

We ensure that the systems have been migrated without loss of fidelity in functional and non-functional requirements.
Samsung leveraged AWS cloud to drive efficiency and agility, and reaped high performance and application availability 24x7x365 with Minjar Cloud Migration services.

Solution Design and Architecture Assessments

We identify and outline the existing enterprise IT landscape in terms of technology, financial ROI, business compliance, network performance, end user experience, security and compliance, software license and map it to the desired cloud requirements.

Our team of cloud architects will design the architecture for the public cloud, while focusing on the key business drivers ranging from IT consolidation, business expansion, cost reduction, platform scalability, IT virtualization for flexibility and reducing the operational burden.

“Minjar Achieves AWS Service Delivery Partner Status for
RDS Postgres SQL, Aurora, DMS, and API Gateway.”

Key Capabalities

Army of 100% accredited & certified experts
Manage and optimize application services support lifecycle on cloud as per the best practices.
We provide proactive Cloud Support whenever you need it, round-the-clock.
Proactive service reviews. Optimum service performance. Complete ITSM platform with best governance of the IT assets.
360-degree security, 24X7, with AWS best practices and industry best practices for a foolproof cloud environment.
Augments SLAs offered by AWS. Ensures cloud your performs optimally.

Intuit achieved 70% cost savings in licensing costs with Minjar’s Smart Managed
Cloud Services. Plus, with the help of this service, Intuit is now able to scale up
and scale down its txtWeb app in real-time and with much agility.

Intuit achieved 70% cost savings in licensing costs with Minjar’s Smart Managed Cloud Services. Plus, with the help of this service, Intuit is now able to scale up and scale down its txtWeb app in real-time and with much agility.

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